Facial Recognition

Contactless temperature detection and facial recognition technology that links to your payroll software.
Advantagesof Biometric Authentication

Our systems also offer the ability to link to most major payroll systems in order to assist you with timecard tracking.

FOURPOINTZERO offers competitive service level agreements and rental options to help your business minimize risk.


User Experience

Convenient and fast



Everyone has access to a unique set of biometrics


High security and assurance

 Provides the answers to “something a person has and is”



 Biometrics are hard to fake or steal

How Biometrics will improve the check-in process.

High security and assurance 

Biometrics provide increased levels of assurance to providers that a person is real by verifying a tangible, real-world trait as both something the user has and something the user is. Introducing biometric authentication into the process adds in a road-block for fraudsters that only a real, additionally, biometrics can only be provided by living, breathing people – at this point in time, a robot would have a hard time passing an iris scan.

Near spoof-proof

Biometrics like face patterns, fingerprints, iris scanning, and others are near-impossible to replicate with current technology. There’s a one in 64 billion chance that your fingerprint will match up exactly with someone else’s[1]. Said a different way, you have a better chance winning the lottery than having the same fingerprint as a hacker trying to get into your account that’s secured by biometrics.

User experience is convenient and fast

While the internal processes for biometric authentication is technical, from a user’s point of view it’s incredibly easy and quick. Placing a finger on a scanner and unlocking an account in seconds is faster than typing out a long password that has multiple special characters. In addition, forgetting a password is a common mistake of most users. The chances of you forgetting your own biometrics? Never!


Biometric authentication requires its input is present upon authorization. You can’t transfer or share a physical biometric digitally – the only way to utilize most biometric authentication systems is with a physical application.

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